Why Are We Avoiding the Real Issues?

By Emily Pooley

read-strictedAs a reader of Young Adult fiction, I know that sometimes the story will focus on girl meets boy, they fall in love, endure some hardships but ultimately live happily ever after. In today’s society, this isn’t the most accurate representation of young adults’ lives. Today’s young adults are facing issues such as bullying, eating disorders, LGBTQ issues, sexuality, depression, and suicide. There are some authors out there, who are stepping up and talking about these issues, and at Sculpt we are bringing those books out of the shadows and shining a light on them, so that you, as a reader can have access to these concepts and build your own opinion on them.
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Identifying with The Elephant Man

By Stephanie Romero

Elephant ManThe Mesa College Theatre Company (MCTC) performed a rendition of the Tony award-winning play this October in 2015. Under the direction of Professor George Ye, students of San Diego Mesa College presented The Elephant Man. I went to see the MCTC’s performance on October 10th. This historical drama was written by Bernard Pomerance in 1977. It’s based on the true life of Joseph Derrick who lived in 19th century London. Keep Reading!

I Was Here Book Review

By Stephanie Romero

“How can you believe someone to be beautiful and amazing and just about the most magical person you’ve ever known, when it turns out she was in such pain that she had to drink poison that robbed her cells of oxygen until her heart had no choice but to stop beating? So don’t ask me about Meg. Because I don’t know…” Keep Reading!

Interview with Jasmine Warga

By Emily Pooley

My Heart and Other Black Holes is Jasmine Warga's first published novel.

My Heart and Other Black Holes is Jasmine Warga’s first published novel.

After picking up My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga, I opened it and couldn’t put it down. Every minute for three days, I seized every opportunity to read I needed to know what would happen to Aysel and Roman. After finishing the novel, I felt like I just wanted to get to know a little more about the story and pick Jasmine Warga’s brain. Sculpt reached out to her, and she graciously agreed to an interview! Keep Reading!

My Heart and Other Black Holes Book Review

By Emily Pooley

MY heart and other black holes coverMy Heart And Other Black Holes  is Jasmine Warga’s first novel, which was published in February. In My Heart And Other Black Holes, Jasmine Warga has brought to life the character’s Aysel and Roman. Aysel Seran is a 16 year old girl who is focused on her death. Aysel hasn’t been the same since the incident with her father. She moved in with her mother, step-father, and half siblings, works at a job where no one cares, and the town doesn’t treat her the same since her father’s been gone. Aysel is worried that the same thing that overcame her father in the incident, lives inside of her, just like the black slug that eats her emotions. Concerned that she might not go through with it, she looks online for a suicide partner, where she finds FrozenRobot.  Keep Reading!