Our Mission Statement

As a young adult, it can be challenging to live up to societal and familial expectations while discovering who you are and what you want most out of life. Young adult fiction portrays series of characters that we can all relate to because we ourselves have been in that stressful, beautiful, and crazy experience we call growing up. Because of these shared experiences, young adult fiction can reach across the literary “board” and resonate with every type of person, regardless of age.

Sculpt: A Literary Journal of Young Adult Fiction finds, reads, and reports on literature that isn’t afraid to cover mature topics such as bullying, depression, eating disorders, and more. Through book and event reviews, author interviews and literary commentary pieces, we hope to highlight the struggles that young adults face and how the authors present questions and answers of whom and what influences a character and how it shapes a person into adulthood.

Here at Sculpt, join our characters as they deal with their harsh peers, cry when their world falls apart, and feel joy as they overcome it all as they sculpt themselves into the person they become.