Collective Purpose: 10 Years of Elevating Thoughts

By Sara Aslagson-Sahar

elevatedAt 8pm the doors of Queen Bee’s opened and the line, which was down the block, began to move. For five dollars (cash), I was permitted entry and in I walked. The doors opened into the middle of the room where there were eight rows of five chairs on both sides of the aisle. Around these were several tall red tables with black backed chairs.

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Beauty and the Beast

By Kaitlan Tatro

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 1.32.25 PM

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Tale as old as time, true as it can beBeauty and the Beast never disappoints.

Walt Disney’s 30th film has been beloved since its release date in 1991. Having grown up as a young girl in the is 90’s, I can attest to loving the story. Beauty and the Beast was the first animated movie nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars, and with good reason. The animation is beautiful, the story compelling, and most of all, it had a great female lead! Keep Reading!

Identifying with The Elephant Man

By Stephanie Romero

Elephant ManThe Mesa College Theatre Company (MCTC) performed a rendition of the Tony award-winning play this October in 2015. Under the direction of Professor George Ye, students of San Diego Mesa College presented The Elephant Man. I went to see the MCTC’s performance on October 10th. This historical drama was written by Bernard Pomerance in 1977. It’s based on the true life of Joseph Derrick who lived in 19th century London. Keep Reading!